If you are the business owner of one of the locals choices you can maximize your exposure by upgrading to gold.

For a minimal fee we will turn each of your choices to gold and link your web site or Facebook page to those buttons. User then sees your choice or choices, pushes the button, and is redirected to your site. You then have the ability to market your goods or services as you wish. By upgrading you will also be included in the Featured Choices button on the first page of your community site. That button redirects to your link as well. Only upgraded choices can participate in this Featured Choice button.

Omissions and Addition Procedures

We use a standard survey template that has been adjusted for different regions of the country.
We are always learning that we have missed important local "bests". We are a growing network and have determined the most efficient means for a business or service to add their "best", after survey, is to complete the "upgrade to gold" information form, then name the service or product you wish to have listed with us in the blank labeled, "best ?". Complete all upgrade information and submit credit card info. Your card will be charged until our review. We will either add your entry, or If we decide you are not a fit for our site, or you infringe on another listing, we will refund your upgrade fees 100% within three days. In effort to prevent omission or addition businesses from "loading up on bests", the upgrade fee will be charged for each best added after original survey.